Professional Cluster Fly Control Services

Cluster flies - as their name suggests - pose a problem as they tend to appear in large numbers. The presence of these flies can be unsightly, smelly, and more importantly, unhygienic, particularly around kitchens.

Our effective pest control service means you’ll be free of flies in the quickest possible time. Cluster flies are often found hibernating en-masse in loft spaces, however our team is certified to treat cluster fly problems in a controlled and safe way, which immediately stops pests being an issue.

A group of cluster flies prior to treatment by AS Countryside Services

Why We’re Trusted

Affordable Prices

Competitively priced quotes without any hidden costs

Effective Service

One treatment is all it takes

Experienced Team

Expertise in the business

Accredited Professionals

Qualified to select the correct insecticides for the environment

Fast Response

We aim to get to you as soon as possible

Dead-Fly Removal

We’ll remove the dead flies after treatment, just talk to our team (there is an extra cost for this)

Quality Assurance

Call our professional team to arrange your free inspection, and your cluster fly problem will soon be under control.

How We Deal With Cluster Flies

1. If you’re inundated with cluster flies, call our team and we’ll agree a convenient time for us to visit for a free consultation at which point we’ll provide a full quote.

2. One of our experts will be with you as soon as possible to deal with the problem. Your property will soon be cluster fly free.

3. We use specialist insecticides as part of our certified pest removal services to tackle large numbers of flies in areas such as loft spaces. We take every precaution to ensure these products are used in a controlled, managed and safe way.

4. Our experts calculate the quantity of product needed dependent on the size of the space being treated, so there’s no need to follow up as one treatment does it all. You will only be billed once you’re pest free.

Working with AS Countryside Services

Emerging in spring from hibernation, cluster flies usually don’t become a problem until late autumn when they seek out warm, dry spaces to escape the cold. Often found clustered around warm, sunny windows, most DIY methods of removal can’t deal with the volume of flies from an infestation.

If your cluster fly problem is becoming impossible to keep on top of, call in our professional pest control team who has the expertise to eliminate flies from your home en masse and prevent them from immediately coming back.

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