About Us

With experience and a trusted client base specialising in pest control for wasps and hornets, and specific expertise in mole catchingwe’ve established a reputation as a trusted and known supplier across West Sussex, Surrey and Hampshire.

Plagued by moles, wasps or hornets? Our family-run business offers a fast, effective solution to domestic and commercial pest control problems.

We pride ourselves on our personal approach to your pest control needs.

Why Choose AS Countryside Services?

  • Good knowledge and specialist experience 
  • Fully accredited and trained
  • Effective, trapping methods
  • No mole, no fee guarantee
  • Rapid same-day service in most cases
  • Affordable, competitive prices
A garden covered in mole hills before AS Countryside Services' No Mole No Fee services

Mole Pest Control

We set underground traps to deal with your mole problem, operating a no mole no fee policy. Moles have a reputation for being difficult to catch, but we’ve helped remove them from gardens, community playing areas, campsites and farms.

A wasps' nest before AS Countryside Services' team removes it

Wasp and Hornet Pest Control

The summer months can be blighted by flying pests – from wasps to hornets. Discovering a nest can be alarming, which is why we endeavour to get to you as soon as possible. Our methods will render the nest inactive within 24hrs.

Working with AS Countryside Services

Whether the pests are inside or outside your home or commercial building, one of our specialist team will visit your property to give a free assessment and recommended solution. In most instances we can respond within the day, so you can be pest free as soon as possible.

Beleaguered by moles, wasps, or hornets? Free your garden of pests with a call to our experts.

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