Accredited local wasps’ nest removal services

The warmer months can be blighted by wasps and hornets. If you start to notice them in larger number, it’s likely a nest is nearby. 

Discovering an active nest can be an unnerving experience, especially for those who suffer allergic reactions from stings. It’s always best to leave wasps’ or hornets’ nests to the experts. Our qualified and experienced team are on hand to deal with nests in or around your property. Whether you’re a domestic or commercial customer, our methods will render the nest inactive within 24hrs.

We aim to respond to your call as soon as possible, usually on the same day, and will return for a second treatment if the nest is showing further signs of activity two to three days later absolutely free of charge.

A wasp before AS Countryside Services' pest control service
Competitively Priced

You’ll find our prices are competitive, and affordable

Years of Experience

The knowledge to offer an effective solution

Qualified Professionals

Our team is trained and certified to deal with nests

Same-Day Call Out

We aim to get to you that day

Effective Methods

We select the right products for the environment

Quick Solutions

Our treatments act fast to stop wasps

Guaranteed Solution

If the nest continues to show signs of activity after our visit we offer a second treatment free of charge.

Our Process

1. Whether you’ve located the nest or believe one is nearby, call our team to arrange a convenient time for us to visit for a free consultation.

2. One of our experts will usually be with you that day to deal with the problem and ensure your home or business is wasp free as soon as possible.

3. We are certified to use specialist products which treat the nest, making it inaccessible to the remaining wasps or hornets who quickly disperse afterwards.

4. We’re happy to arrange a free second treatment two to three days after the first if the nest is still active. We’re also qualified to remove the nest once inactive and can discuss this during our initial consultation. You will only be billed once you’re pest-free.

Working with AS Countryside Services

Following a visit by one of our team, you’ll immediately start to notice the difference. Our methods and products render the nest inactive with a specialist foam or powder depending on its location, meaning the remaining wasps or hornets immediately fly away.

An active nest can contain hundreds of insects which is why your wasp problem is best left to our experts who operate in a safe and considerate manner. Trust our services to deliver an effective solution.

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